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Land Registry Title Registers

The Title Register (often called the Title Deeds) is one of the two main Land Registry title documents, along with the Title Plan. The Title Register gives information on a who owns a property.

The Title Register is made up of three parts: Part A) the property register; Part B) the proprietorship register; and Part C). the charges register. Information most commonly referred to in the Title Register includes:

• The property description
• Details of who owns the property and any restrictions that limit the power of the owner to deal with the land/property
• Mortgage lender details (if any)
• Information regarding charges against the property (if any)
• Price paid/value stated (if registered since 1st April 2000)
• Rights of way (not public rights of way) or other rights affecting the property restrictions or other conditions
• Covenants, Easements and Cautions

A Title Register costs £12, both printed and electronic (pdf) copies of the title register can be provided. Electronic delivery is guaranteed to be within 2 working days, but usually takes about 24 hours and printed copies are guaranteed to be delivered within 5 working days.

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